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Cork Flooring Tiles for Bathroom in Anchorage, Alaska For Sale

Cork Flooring Tiles for Bathroom
Price: $1
Type: Tickets & Traveling, For Sale - Private.

Cork Flooring Tiles for Bathroom flooring, Kitchen Flooring, or Ceiling Tiles $1.28/sf
The cork flooring tiles, glue down cork tiles is design for bathroom tiles. Cork flooring tiles are 100% cork and they are fully water PROOF.It is warm and comfortable too is why most people prefer to use this cork flooring tiles for the bathrooms They are cheap to buy but more expensiver to install it.
11 cork tiles in one package
( 21.31sq.ft square feet)
Price Only $1.28 /Sq. Ft!
Our cork floating floors and cork flooring tiles, glue down tiles are produced to European Indoor Air Quality measures. We ?ignore? CARB II (USA rankings) because they are much lower than the EU regulations. Our traditional cork planks have a VOC content of 87 micrograms/cubic meter on ?Day 3? of testing. On ?Day 7? that number reduces to 50 micrograms/cubic meter. This is considered ?very good? or even ?excellent?. The formaldehyde ratings = 6 micrograms/cubic meter for both Day 3 and Day 7. This indicates A) the formaldehyde is considered ?back ground? rating (it is found naturally in all cork trees) and B) it is not due to adhesives/it is stable and therefore is ?normal?. The other indication you might want to be aware of: the tests LOWEST CONCENTRATION reading for formaldehyde = 5 micrograms/cubic meter. This means the formaldehyde reading in our plank is so low it is almost undetectable. Most of the VOC content in our cork flooring tiles = acetic acid = vinegar. Vinegar is what plant sugars turn into when they get ?wet?. Cork is soaked and then dried several times prior to production. This repeated soaking/drying of any vegetative matter (cork, bamboo, apples, oranges, grapes, etc) will produce acetic acid which is the main ingredient in vinegar. These readings indicate ?European Grade 1? flooring product. This is one of the highest rankings in the world for indoor air quality. We have another product that is produced for us in Switzerland (Printed Cork) and their numbers are slightly better than ?traditional? planks. The Swiss produced floor = VOC 43 micrograms/cubic meter on day 3; this drops to less than 30 micrograms/ cubic meter by day 7. The formaldehyde level is the same...which is another indicator that the 6 micrograms/cubic meter formaldehyde reading = natural background reading of cork. An apple produces more formaldehyde than our cork planks.

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